Travel Natural Beauty

This travel blog photo’s source is  Elorafergus Studio Tour Travel!

Our trip had come to an end and we said our goodbyes.  We started back towards Ontario when something happened.  We hadn’t noticed until we were well past the place that it happened.  While still in Quebec, the suitcase that was tied to the roof of the car happened to come undone and fall off.  No one noticed, probably because of the excessive noise in a car full of kids.  It wasn’t noticed until we were in Ottawa.

We turned around and went back a short distance looking for the lost luggage, to no avail.  So, we headed home.  That suitcase was mine.  All those “wonderful” ‘80’s style short sets were gone.  All my clothes, all my souvenirs, everything, this was devastating for me.

My parents always thought about everything.  They were, and still are, great at planning ahead and taking all the precautions necessary.  They had purchased out of province travel insurance and when we got home they did the necessary requirements and were given $60 to replace the suitcase and the clothes.  (Yes, I said $60.00).

There was a twist to this story though, 3 months later, around my birthday, we received a phone call from a mall in Ottawa.  Someone had found my suitcase and left it outside the mall to be found.  A family member happened to be in the area at the time, picked it up and brought it to our place.  Amazingly enough, every single thing was still in the suitcase, even the one of a kind painting I had bought with my own money!

My parents were thankful to have the suitcase back and promptly returned the $60 to the insurance company, who wasn’t sure how to handle the situation!!  If they hadn’t spent the extra money to get the insurance policy, it would have been a strain on the budget to replace all the clothing for one of their kids.  Good thing they planned ahead!!